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Crystal Bracelets

Why I decided to create bracelets?

I remember when I received my first crystal in 2017 and the magic and Soul Spark I felt holding it. I Just had to have more of it Energy in my life. So I decided to purchase my first necklace set it was a turquoise set with the matching bracelet. There was this vendor in Brooklyn who sell bracelets and I just had to purchase almost every week. But then Covid happened and he was gone. I then started ordering from Esty , Amazon or supporting small businesses.

Soon after I decided in 2020 to start creating my own. I ONLY created for family and myself. But now in 2021 I decided to create for everyone. I created my website and here we are today. I LOVE CREATING them.. so when you purchase from me .. you will have my Soul Sparking Energy on them Created from Love.

Thank you for all your support and love .

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Beautiful ❤️

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