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Jupiter Thursday

Grand Rising 🔻👸🏿 👁 woke like this Grateful for another Magical day on this Jupiter Thursday. This morning it is raining in Brooklym it makes me feel cozy. Bracelets wearing today: Auset black tourmaline 8mm, Feng Shui Green Aventurine 10mm, Evil Eye Jade 8mm, Evil Eye Black obsidian 8mm, Hamsa Cat Eye 8mm, Buddha Agate 8mm, 777 black Onyx 10mm, Buddha Green Aventurine 6mm, Buddha Black tourmaline & citrine 8mm #Thegoddesscollection🔻👸🏿 ⧊sè𓁧𓂀𓆃𓉢👁🔻☥🌻👑

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