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Life Path 7 Day

October 7th 2021

Woke up Grateful and Thankful because is my Magic day.

I AM Life Path 7.

The Meaning Of Life Path Number 7 Being a life path 7 means embarking on a quest to find answers to the most mysterious questions in life. “Life path 7 people want to understand how the world works and why we are here,” numerologist Jasmine Wolfe tells Bustle. It’s a very intellectual energy that favors logic, research, and the deep exploration of ideas. However, life path 7 people are just as spiritual as they are sensible. This life path journey is also incredibly intuitive and otherworldly, and those born with this life path number tend to be deeply in touch with their own psychic energy. Ultimately, the important thing to remember about the meaning of life path 7 people is that they crave the truth — no matter how mystical, surprising, or impossible to quantify it might be. How Do I Calculate My Life Path Number? In order to figure out your life path number, all you need is your birthday. Life path numbers can only be either single-digit numerals 1-9, or double-digit numbers 11, 22, and 33 (known as master numbers in numerology). To calculate your own life path number, first write out your birthdate in numerical form (like this: 2/14/1991). If any one of those three numbers is a single digit or master number, leave it as-is; otherwise add together the digits of the number until you have three single-digit or master numbers (so if you were born in 1991, you’d add 1+9+9+1 to get 20, and then add 2+0 to get 2 as your reduced year number). Finally, you’ll add together the three month, day, and year numbers. If the sum total of the equation is equal or reduces to the number 7, then congrats: that’s your life path number. Life Path Number 7 Characteristics As a life path 7, uncovering deeper meanings and understanding spiritual truths is a lifelong goal — which is why it’s extra important for 7s to align their physical awareness with their metaphysical consciousness and allow these parts of themselves to co-exist. It can be easy for a life path 7 person to get caught up in purely rational and science-based thinking, but at their core, they’re deeply mystical people who can’t always quantify their intuitive senses. These enigmatic souls observe the external world around them with an analytical eye, but are equally perceptive to the universe’s subtle and invisible energies. If you’re unsure how to use your life path 7 energy, remind yourself that you’re a spiritual being having a material experience. Life path 7s inherently understand that magic and logic don’t actually exist at opposite ends of a spectrum. There’s a lot of mental and spiritual balancing required of a life path 7 person. Because these deep thinkers are constantly observing and processing things, they usually need a lot of alone time and understand the value of introspective solitude. They’re also often most successful when they’re able to work on things independently — although it’s important for them to be able to give others their knowledge, too. “This is a mystic number, and it’s the number of the teacher as well,” numerologist Tai Soleil tells Bustle. “Life path 7s are here to help people understand the unknown.” Life path 7s feel most fulfilled when they’re sharing their discoveries and sparking deep thoughts in other people, as this can add even more meaning to their quest to solve life’s many puzzles. What Does The Number 7 Mean In Numerology? In numerology, the number seven represents a quest for knowledge, and it’s actually considered significant in virtually every major religion — consider the seven days of creation in the Bible or the seven basic chakras in eastern traditions. It’s also widely associated with good luck — think of the 777 jackpots on slot machines. This number is associated with truth-seeking and mental curiosity. But don’t be fooled by the analytical and investigative qualities of the number seven, as it’s also an incredibly mystical number. “This is both the number of spirituality and questioning everything,” Wolfe says. The number seven represents the synergy between the logical mind and spiritual consciousness. That said, taking in information (both rationally and psychically) and making sense of the greater meaning is a big theme for anyone with a life path number 7 — which means accepting that some of life’s mysteries can’t yet be explained. If you’re a life path 7, practice embodying the numerological strengths of the number 7 and use your insight to bridge the gap between mind and spirit.

Bracelets wearing today:

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