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Monday Motivation

She Believe she could so she did.

I love to create.. it literally Sparks my Soul. SO I Created my brand Bluegoddessdesigns where I am also a graphic designer and app developer. Under that umbrella is 1)#BluegoddessdesignsTheArtist

Where I create digital abstract paintings.


Where I create designs for my own clothing line.

3) #BGDkicks

Where I create designs for my own sneakers.

4) #OnedopegoddessPodcast

Where I talk about Books Discussion on books I have read.

5) #TheBlueUnicorn

Where I create Poetry.


Where I captured divine pics I love taking pictures of Nature

7) #Bluegoddessdesignsdigital

Where I am a graphic designer and app developer/ Digital Ads/Logos


Where I create crystal bracelets

Eye am a multidimensional Being doing multi things to Spark my Soul.


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