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Sinox Tribe

WOKE up Grateful and Thankful for another day for Lessons and Blessings..

Today is the weekend before Indigenous People day.

I am Part sinox Tribe. So today I am wearing my bracelets dedication to my ancestors.

Sioux is the name of a tribe and means “little snakes”. They are a native American, nomadic tribe and also occupy Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North and South Dakota. The Sioux Indians are known as a powerful tribe with a great history.

Bracelets wearing today: Aquarius Labradorite, Evil Eye Turquoise, Evil Eye Aquamarine, Buddha Turquoise, Wrap multiple crystal bracelets, not in the picture. Added: my sinox dedication bracelets made with Howlite, Red Agate, Turquoise, Blue Agate.

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