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 Black Obsidian Crown 8mm Stack

Black Obsidian Crown 8mm Stack

What are the Black Obsidian metaphysical properties?

Black Obsidian is a guardian stone. It's used commonly as a powerful shield against negative energy, self-deprecating thoughts, and wayward actions. In the metaphysical, Obsidian healing properties can:

Awaken and stimulate the gift of prophecy;

Siphon out deep insecurities, fears, and problematic behaviors so that you can see them clearly for what they are;

Ground you to the earth, and ground your spirit and body;

Offer protection to you as you travel the spirit realm;

Allow you to develop and enhance your psychic abilities;

Protect you during contact with guides, or as you receive and send messages in the spiritual world; and

Allow you to confront shadows and traumatic events from your past and unlock them if you have yet to notice them. 

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