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Blue apatite wrapped Crystal

Blue apatite wrapped Crystal

Blue apatite is a calcium phosphate mineral that is known as the stone of manifestation. It is said to connect people to their past and future, and to help them achieve their goals. Some believe that blue apatite has the following spiritual uses and healing properties:


Blue apatite is associated with motivation and goal setting, and is thought to inspire people to pursue their dreams.

Spiritual growth

Blue apatite is said to enhance spiritual growth and psychic abilities, and is thought to stimulate intuition.


Blue apatite is said to be beneficial for communication, and can help to release negative emotions.

Inner wisdom

Blue apatite is said to help people get in touch with their own inner wisdom and intuition.

Higher realms of consciousness

Blue apatite is thought to connect people with higher realms of consciousness.

Throat and neck health

Blue apatite is used by some to support throat and neck health, and is believed to alleviate discomfort and promote healing in this area.

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