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Buddha 8mm Emerald & Black Tourmaline

Buddha 8mm Emerald & Black Tourmaline

Emeralds have many spiritual meanings, including love, rebirth, and wisdom. The green color of emeralds represents vitality, new beginnings, and spring. In ancient Greece and Rome, emeralds were the gemstone of Venus, the goddess of love and hope. In the Christian tradition, emeralds symbolize resurrection, or a birth, into a new and purer life. When applied to Christ, emeralds symbolize his qualities of kindness and goodness.

Black tourmaline is a gemstone that is known for its grounding properties and healing abilities. It is believed to have strong protective energies that shield people from negative influences and psychic attacks. It is also thought to create a shield around its wearer, preventing negative energies from infiltrating one's aura. This helps maintain emotional well-being and aids in physical and spiritual harmony.

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