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Buddha 8mm TigerEye & Emerald

Buddha 8mm TigerEye & Emerald

TIGER EYE Associated with strength, confidence, bravery, and good fortune since ancient times. It's named after the eye of the tiger and is found in South Africa, Namibia, Australia, India, and Thailand.

Tiger's eye is said to have many healing properties, including:

Self-confidence: Tiger's eye is said to help with self-confidence, perseverance, and decision making.

Focus: Tiger's eye is said to improve focus and make you more studious.

Spiritual stability: Tiger's eye is said to provide spiritual stability, allowing you to tap into deeper levels of your consciousness.

Protection: Tiger's eye is said to offer protection against the evil eye and malevolent forces.

Balance and harmony: Tiger's eye is said to bring balance and harmony to one's energy centers (chakras).

Negative emotions: Tiger's eye is said to dispel negative emotions and limit beliefs

Emeralds have many spiritual meanings, including love, rebirth, and wisdom. The green color of emeralds represents vitality, new beginnings, and spring. In ancient Greece and Rome, emeralds were the gemstone of Venus, the goddess of love and hope. In the Christian tradition, emeralds symbolize resurrection, or a birth, into a new and purer life. When applied to Christ, emeralds symbolize his qualities of kindness and goodness.

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