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Buddha Howlite ,Tiger Eye ,  Hematite 6mm/8mm

Buddha Howlite ,Tiger Eye , Hematite 6mm/8mm

Howlite is commonly associated with patience, calm, and tranquility. It's said to help people slow down, move through unrest, and process deep emotions. Howlite's serene energy is thought to encourage a balanced state of mind and promote emotional healing

Tiger Eye

promotes clear-eyed vision, helping us see ourselves and the world better. Like the great cat it's named for, this gemstone knows the importance of being attentive to the details. Tigereye is said to combine earth energy with light or sun energy, creating an intense stone that's also well-grounded.


Grounding and protection: Hematite is believed to provide stability and protection, and to shield against negative energies.

Emotional pain: Hematite is said to help with emotional pain, and to clear negative feelings.

Stress relief: Hematite is said to help eliminate stress and excess worry or fear.

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