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EVIL EYE 8MM Black Onyx & Rosewood

EVIL EYE 8MM Black Onyx & Rosewood

The evil eye symbol is most often depicted as four concentric circles in the shape of an eye. It's used to ward off evil intentions.

Measures taken to ward off the evil eye vary widely between cultures. For example, in medieval Europe, it was considered unlucky to be praised or to have one's children or possessions praised.

against it.

Black onyx is said to have many meanings across cultures and belief systems. It is often used as a protective talisman, shielding the wearer from harm. Some believe that black onyx can absorb negative energy, provide emotional and physical strength, and help the wearer fight basic fears. Black onyx is also associated with regeneration, new beginnings, and grounding.

Rosewood has many spiritual meanings, including:

Compassion and healing

Rosewood is associated with the heart chakra and is said to have a compassionate and healing feminine energy. It's said to help accentuate compassion and love within a person.

Strength and vulnerability

The rosewood spirit is said to represent strength and vulnerability, and to signal a time of inner conflict.

Kindness and good heart

The rosewood tree symbolizes kindness and a good heart.

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