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Evil Eye Multiple 10 Crystal Stack

Evil Eye Multiple 10 Crystal Stack

The evil eye has a long history and its existence is almost as old as civilization itself. On the other hand, the belief in this figure only started being significant in Ancient Greece.


In the modern days, most people use evil eye amulets and evil eye jewelry as part of fashion and trendy choices. There is a strong connection between the evil eye figure and casting negativity away. That is true. But, what does it really mean?Now, to protect and ward yourself against the evil eye you can wear the symbol in all sort of personal items and even add it to your assets. Using the evil eye as an amulet or talisman is meant to reflect the curse back at the caster. Around the world, you can find evil eyes on houses, vehicles, clothes, jewelry and so many other objects.


Evil Eye as an Amulet or Talisman

The evil eye is commonly used as an amulet or talisman in order to cleanse curses away. It is a common belief in most cultures. If you wear the evil eye figure in talismans, symbols and jewelry, you’re supposedly shielding yourself from greater doom.


Wearing the evil eye as a protective ward is known to reflect the power of evil glares back to the caster. It can even nullify the curse and all the bad intentions casted on you.

The multiple stack includes: super7,black Onyx, galaxy TigerEye, black tourmaline

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