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Love Turoquise Stack

Love Turoquise Stack

Turquoise has many meanings, including:


Turquoise is associated with protection, healing, and good fortune. In folklore, it's said to protect the wearer, and some cultures believe it can ward off the evil eye.

Spiritual value

In Tibetan culture, turquoise is known as the "Sky Stone" and is revered for its spiritual value. Tibetans believe it comes from the heavens and is a token of love, protecting both the giver and the recipient.

Symbol of hope

Turquoise is a symbol of hope, and has been used as a decorative or protective amulet, a horse protector, or rain bringer.

Other meanings

Turquoise is also believed to promote positive energy, assist with communication, enhance creativity, and bring balance and spiritual grounding. It's said to represent heaven and offer good fortune, luck, strength, and empowerment to those who wear it.

Turquoise is also a light greenish blue color. The word "turquoise" comes from the early French word turkeise, which comes from turkeis, meaning "Turkish (stone)".

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