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Red Agate 8mm

Red Agate 8mm

The effect of agate helps against stomach cramps, menstrual cramps and also protects the expectant mother and her child. The agate stone for fighters, he stands for a healthy pregnancy and easy birth. Other healing powers relieve eye pain, epilepsy, fever, hearing damage and alcoholism. In health care, it protects the blood vessels and the cell tissue. Even in the beauty sector, he does not let himself think away. Agate stands for a clean and better skin.Particularly popular are the red and pink Agate stones, as they protect the home from thieves and burglars and generally stand for luck, wealth and prosperity.

In the realm of the psyche, the healing powers cause just as enormous. So he helps with sleep disorders at night and even brings pleasant dreams. His power mitigates even the effects of moonlighting

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