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Super Seven 8mm Crystal Bracelet

Super Seven 8mm Crystal Bracelet

The Super 7 crystal is a rare gemstone from Brazil that is said to have seven benefits, including:

Mental clarity: Opens the third eye chakra, which can lead to mental clarity and better intuition

Communication: Aligns the throat chakra, which can help with clear communication with others and the divine

Healing: Balances and energizes all seven chakras, and can help with healing

psychic abilities: Stimulates and develops psychic abilities

Connection with the spiritual realm: Has a high vibration that can help clear and balance the aura, leading to a deeper connection with the spiritual realm

Manifestation: Has powerful manifestation abilities, helping to bring one's desires and intentions into reality

Calming: Soothes difficult emotions and removes blockages between you and your higher self

Confidence: Can help build confidence, especially in intuition

Personal power: Connects the mind, body, and soul

Focus: Makes people more focused and makes clear decisions

Optimism: Encourages healing and optimism

Widen consciousness: Helps let go of doubts, fears, and frustrations, allowing you to seize life-changing opportunities

Emotional healing: Aids you in understanding and working through bottled up emotions

  • Each Bracelet is Created Different

    Each Bracelet will be created with the same Crystals with different closure settings.

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