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Grand Rising 🔻 👸🏿

👁 woke up like this.. Grateful for another Magical Jupiter Thursday.

Bracelets wearing today

Silver turoquise bangle, Auset Black tourmaline 8mm, 10mm Carnelian Bracelet, Feng Shui jade 10mm Bracelet, Buddha Black tourmaline 8mm, Evil Eye Turquoise 8mm, Evil Eye Smoky Quartz 8mm, Evil Eye TigerEye 8mm, Buddha Black Onyx 8mm, Merkaba Amethyst 8mm Geometric Silver bangle.

#Thegoddesscollection🔻👸🏿 ⧊sè𓁧𓂀𓆃𓉢👁🔻☥🌻

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