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Mars Tuesday

Divine Cosmic Rising ✨️🔻👸🏿 👁 woke up like this Grateful for another Magic Mars Tuesday Bracelets wearing today: Evil Eye Turquoise 8mm, Evil Eye Black Tourmaline 8mm, Evil Eye Buddha 6mm, Buddha Emerald & Hematite 8mm, TigerEye 10mm, Shiva Lingam & Turquoise 8mm, Buddha Shiva lingam 8mm, 777 black Onyx 10mm, Buddha Pyrite 8mm, Merkaba Amethyst 8mm #Thegoddesscollection🔻👸🏿 ⧊sè𓁧𓂀𓆃𓉢👁🔻☥🌻👑

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