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Officially ♎️ Season

Divine Cosmic Rising ✨️

It all about Balance

Eye a Libra ♎️ Rising and I feel this Energy

LibrA Bracelets available for Sale.

Libra is associated with equality and righteousness; have you considered how you behave when you want to defend yourself and your friends? When we try to protect ourselves and others, we may not always act ideally, and we're even less likely to notice that immediately. It is noble to express a willingness to support the people we care for deeply, and self-preservation is equally lovely.New Moon Libra Evil Eye 8mm StackFinally, we are at the equinox of the lunar moon cycle. The New Moon in Libra on September 25, 2022, at 5:54 PM Eastern Time, marks the middle of the lunar year. Libra is a cardinal air sign represented by the scales of justice. This New Moon prompts thoughts regarding how you express loving emotions.


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