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Saturn Saturday

Grand Rising 🔻 👸🏿

👁 Woke up like this Grateful and Thankful for another day of Magic.

On this Saturn Saturday is a day of reflection.

Solitude, austerity, purification

Do house chores, devote sometime to Spiritual growth and introspection it world - related issues. Color of the day: Black. Dark Blue.

#Thegoddesscollection🔻👸🏿 ⧊sè𓁧𓂀𓆃𓉢👁🔻☥🌻

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Kim  Winrow
Kim Winrow
Jan 22, 2022

Ase' Sending positive energy your way. Make today do what it do, Rise


Latessa McDay
Latessa McDay
Jan 22, 2022

Rich Rising Sister Queen, I really appreciate this was at a stance. Thanks for confirmation . 👁💖🙏🎯✅🎋😘

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