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Self-care Sunday

Divine Cosmic Rising ✨️

👁 woke up like Grateful for another magic Self Care Sunday post New Moon in Aquarius.

It is officially 6 more days until my Soular Return and the revealing of the Goddess Box Raffle winners.

Today my Crystal of the day is Labradorite.

Another one of my favorite Crystals.

Labradorite relates to the throat, third eye and crown chakras, it's a crystal for manifestation. This is a great crystal to meditate with to stimulate your intuitive and psychic skills, connect with your spirit guides and recall past lives.

All orders will be ship out on Friday.

January 27th 2023 and all customers who order from me this week will automatically be in the Raffle.



Hey, check out my website, "TheGoddessCollection" with this link:

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