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Tuesday Testimony

Grand Rising🔻👸🏿

Woke up this morning Grateful and Thankful for another day of Magic.

I had the most amazing Astral travel. I laughed so hard there and I was laughing in this realm too I heard myself. I can't remember what I was laughing at, but it felt nice .. My SOUL felt at peace and harmony ✨. My goal in this lifetime.. Is to create my own Goddess Utopia. Meaning doing everything my Soul Passion wants to do. Creating crystal bracelets is just one of my passion I do . I'm also a Graphic Designer, Photographer, Poet, Fashion designer, sneaker designer, gamer, App Developer and a digital Artist, Podcaster all of my Soul Passions. I AM WALKING IN MY TRUTH AND IT FEELS SO GOOD.

Bracelets wearing today: Evil Eye Amazonite

Evil Eye Hematite, Evil Eye Labradorite, Evil Eye lapis Lazuli, Evil Eye South African Denim Dumortierite, Galaxy TigerEye charm bracelet, Malachite Buddha, Smoky Quartz Buddha, Blue TigerEye, Feng Shui,


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