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Venus Friday

Grand Rising 🔻👸🏿

👁 Woke up like this Grateful on this Magical Venus Friday. And on this last day of Aquarius Season.

Tomorrow I will post the new Pisces ♓ Bracelets

Bracelets wearing today: Aquarius Symbol Denim Dumortierite 8mm , Aquarius Lapis Lazuli 8mm, Evil Eye Dumortierite 8mm, Hamsa Aquamarine 8mm, Evil Eye Smoky Quartz, buddha Galaxy Tiger Eye 8mm, ALL Evil Eye 8mm Bracelet, Blue TigerEye 10mm Bracelet, 10mm Galaxy TigerEye Charm bracelet, Merkaba Amethyst 8mm

#Thegoddesscollection🔻👸🏿 ⧊sè𓁧𓂀𓆃𓉢👁🔻☥🌻👑

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